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It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that only acceptable wastes are delivered at the Zanker Recycling. The following is a partial list of wastes, which are prohibited for disposal. In addition, other wastes may be deemed unacceptable at the owner or operator’s discretion. If unacceptable wastes are detected and rejected for disposal, the customer retains responsibility for the wastes, and if unacceptable wastes are disposed of, the customer is liable for the legal disposal and will be subject to prosecution and termination of disposal services. Any questions, please contact the office at (408) 263-2384.
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A Acetylene sludge, Acid wastes, AFU floc, Alkaline corrosive liquids, Alum sludge, Ashes *, Asphalt, liquid or emulsion form
B Bag house waste *, Batteries, Battery add, Beryllium waste, Bilge water, Boiler cleaner waste, Buffing dust, Bunker oil
C Catalyst *, Caustic sludge, Caustic waste, Cement kiln dust *, Cement liquid *, Chemical cleaners *, Chemical toilet cleaners *, Chemical wastes, Cleaner alkaline, Cleaning compounds *, Cleaning solvents, Coking process wastes, Contaminated soil or sand *, Corrosion Inhibitor, Creosote Treated Items, Cyanide solutions or waste
D, E, F Data processing fluid, Distillation bottoms & light ends, Drilling fluids and mud *, Drugs, Dyes *, Emission control wastes *, Epoxy waste *, Explosives, all forms, Extremely hazardous waste, Finishing waste, Flammable materials & waste, Flue gas emission control waste, Fly ash, Fuel waste
G, H, I, L Glaze sludge, Hazardous waste, Heavy ends waste, Household hazardous waste **, Ink printing and sludge waste, Insecticides, Laboratory wastes *, Lagoon waste, Lime and water, Lime sludge and waste water
M, O Metal waste, Mine Tailings, Muriatic acid and Oil ash
P, R Paint remover or stripper, Paint thinner, Paint waste or slops, Petroleum refining wastes, Pesticide waste, Pesticide containers, unrinsed, Pharmaceuticals, Pickling waste, Pigments *, Plating waste, Polychlorinated biphenyl’s (“CE), Printing Ink*, Produced water. Radioactive wastes, Railroad Ties, Resin manufacturing waste*
S, T, W Sandblasting residue *, Scrubber sludge, Slag waste, Slop oil, Sludge acid, Soda ash, Solvents, Still bottoms waste, Stripping solution, Sulfur sludge’s, Sump waste, Tank bottom sediment *, Tank cleaning sludge’s *, Tanning sludge’s Toxic materials and waste, Waste water treatment sludge’s, Weed killer, Wood preservation waste

* Only if it contains a hazardous material
** Santa Clara Household Hazardous Waste at 408-299-7300.