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Zanker Recycling Services

Demolition Plant

Since 1988, Zanker has been a leader in recycling services that focused on processing mixed loads of demolition debris, construction and demolition C&D debris, concrete, sheetrock, wood waste and yard trimmings. Some of your operations were the first in the nation to recycle specific materials.

Our recycling services are the primary result the San Francisco Bay Area leads the nation in recycling and waste diversion.

In 1988, Zanker was chosen by the City of San Jose and other numerous communities in the area to provide yard waste composting services.

Composting Plant

In 1989, Zanker was chosen to receive all the generated earthquake materials from the devastated Marina District of San Francisco. Zanker not only received the materials and recycled the contents, but also, sorted all he incoming loads for personal belongs. These belongings were categorized and returned to their proper owners in San Francisco.

New Anaerobic Digestion System

Zanker’s newest venture, a partnership with GreenWaste Recovery and Zero Waste Energy have been working extensively with the City of San Jose to develop, permit, construct, and operate the first-of-its-kind dry fermentation anaerobic digestion and in vessel composting (“IVC”) facility utilizing Kompoferm technology. This Kompoferm system has proven very successful in Europe, and will make San Jose the first city in the U.S. to use this ground-breaking technology.

Earthquake - San Franscisco

The process will enable ZWE to create high quality compost while recovering biogas. Once this project is complete, the facility will be processing over 150,000 tons per year of organic waste that would otherwise be disposed in a landfill. The high quality compost produced will be used to enrich soils, while the renewable biogas will not only be sold as energy for the utility power grid, but will also be used to fuel local plants and facilities. The plans are being finalized and the facility will be under construction starting in 2011.