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All major credit cards accepted.

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Credit Card Authorization:

Terms & Conditions

  • Past due balances remain calculated NET 10 days from invoice date which of course means payment is due 10 days after the invoice date.
  • Zanker will charge a 1.5% or a minimum of $2.00 per month finance charge on outstanding balances.
  • A signature of the owner, all partners or corporate officer is required along with their social security number or Federal ID #, printed name(s) and title(s) on the application.
  • Zanker reserves the right to charge a reasonable attorney’s fee for the collection process should your account be placed in litigation.
  • Zanker only accepts checks, cashier’s checks or money orders for account payment.

General Information

  1. Although we allow for possible delays in processing and delivery of invoices by allowing a reasonable grace period before counting days past due, it’s always best to get the bills paid on time so that nothing can negatively affect your account and pricing structures.
  2. When corresponding with Zanker, always reference your company name and account number.
  3. When remitting payment, always reference the invoice number and invoice amounts. If this is not done, then the payment will be applied to the older invoices on your account including any applicable finance charges.
  4. Regarding discrepancies on invoices, call the office prior to remittance. Short paid invoices will be considered outstanding unless prior approval for any credits has been obtained.
  5. If your account is over 30-days past due, please contact our accounting department immediately to make payment arrangements (see bottom of page for contact info) or your company will no longer be able to charge at our facilities.
  6. Your account will be placed on a cash-only (C.O.D.) basis until the bill is paid in full. Should your account lapse into a subsequent past-due balance said account will be converted to a C.O.D. account for a minimum 12-month period. At this point your account will be charged 1.5% interest on unpaid balances.
  7. If your account  reaches 60-days past due, you will be notified via mail with a letter of intent to send to a collection agency.  If payment arrangements are not satisfied immediately after this notice; you will be sent to a collection agency.  At this point your company will lose any special pricing structure you may have earned.
  8. If your account is over 90-days past-due, your account will be closed, and you will be denied access to Zanker until all balances and penalties are paid in full. denied access to the landfill until all balances and penalties are paid in full.
  9. It’s important to understand that if an account defaults and is handed over to a collection agency; and later that account is paid up in full; we do not recover the full amount of the debt due to collection agency fees.  Allowing your account to fall into collections may preclude any future business with Zanker.

Instructions for Completing Application

  • Include both your billing and physical location address.
  • To expedite the approval process, include phone and fax numbers, email addresses and contact names for all trade and bank references.
  • Call the office at (408) 263-2384 if you need assistance in completing the application.
  • You will be notified by email when your application has been approved.

*Disclaimer: The state of California requires all cities and counties to track waste origins for all loads taken to waste facilities. Please make sure your drivers are aware of the proper city in which their load was generated to ensure accurate reporting. Read the full letter to view the guidelines.