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Richard Cristina (Owner)

management_profiles_richard-cristinaRichard Cristina has over 40 years of experience in the solid waste industry. In the early 1970s, Mr. Cristina was a co-founder of the first transfer and recycling center in Santa Clara Valley. In 1985, Mr. Cristina co-founded Zanker Recycling. Through vision, innovation, and astute management, he and his Zanker partners increased the landfill’s recycling rate from 50 percent to 90 percent. In 1991, Mr. Cristina co-founded GreenWaste Recovery, Inc. and began providing yard waste collection services to over 110,000 San Jose residents. Building upon his earlier successes, he co-founded GreenTeam of San Jose in 1992 to provide solid waste collection and recycling to an additional 80,000 San Jose households. Mr. Cristina is a lifelong San Jose resident and is widely recognized as a community leader. He has previously served on the Boards of The Friends of the Guadalupe River Park, The San Jose Sports Authority, The San Jose Repertory Theatre, The San Jose Homeless Shelter Foundation, Bellarmine Alumni Council, and was the first Chairperson of the San Jose Arena Authority.

Murray Hall (Owner)

Murray HallMr. Hall has over 30 years of experience in the solid waste industry. He co-founded Zanker Road Landfill, GreenWaste Recovery, Inc, and Green Team of San Jose. Mr. Hall is a former Certified Public Accountant having worked for the accounting firm of Ernst & Young as well as the San Jose Medical Group. He serves on the Board of Directors of Zanker Recycling and GreenWaste Recovery, Inc.


Greg Ryan (Chief Executive Officer)

greg-ryanGreg Ryan has been with Zanker for 20 years and has worked in all aspects of the business over that time. He started at Zanker Road Landfill in 1993 with varied responsibilities including Health and Safety, Equipment Maintenance, Compliance, and Operations. In 1997 Mr. Ryan began permitting and developing the Z-Best Composting Facility in Gilroy to meet the growing demand for organics recycling in the Bay Area.

Over the next ten years the Z-Best Composting Facility grew from a small green waste composting site into the premier organics facility in the state, processing over 200,000 tons of greenwaste, food waste and municipal solid waste per year. Z-Best Organic Compost is widely used in area landscaping and is a staple in the agricultural industry.

Mr. Ryan is currently the General Manager of Zanker Recycling, where he directs a team of industry veterans who continue to lead the field in recycling expertise and innovation.

Scott Beall (General Manager)

Scott BeallScott Beall has been in the recycling and solid waste industry since 1983. He began his career as a wood waste operations foreman. Currently, he is the Operations Manager for Zanker Recycling, responsible for operational health and safety, equipment maintenance and general administration. His communication ability and adept labor relations enable him to supervise over 200 employees.

During his career at Zanker, Mr. Beall has contributed to many cutting edge achievements in recycling, including innovations such as the first patented curbside commingled portable picking line, the co-development of a glass cullet to process sand, the development of a model yard waste composting facility and a grinder and screening process that creates a high grade planter mix. He also helped develop a vibrating sorting conveyor, which processes commercial mixed waste.

Michael Gross (Director of Sustainability, Zanker Recycling)

Michael GrossMichael Gross has been in the waste and recycling industry since 1979.  In 2012, Mr. Gross was named the Director of Sustainability for GreenWaste and the Zanker family of companies.This newly created position allows him to coordinate and institutionalize sustainability efforts across divisions and among business relationships.He focuses on greenhouse-gas emissions reductions, procurement opportunities, C&D diversion opportunities, waste management and recycling alternatives and marketing, and energy and water conservation programs.He provides leadership to reach the company’s environmental goals, advocates the transformation of the waste industry and works with the communities to integrate sustainability into their daily lives.  His current responsibilities also include managing the C&D operations at the Zanker Facilities in San Jose. Since 2001, Mr. Gross has also been on the Board of Directors for the Construction and Demolition Recycling Association and is also on the Board of Directors for the Recycling Certification Institute (RCI).  Mr. Gross is on also on the Board of Directors of the Santa Visits Alviso Foundation and the Legacy San Jose Alviso Youth Foundation. Mr. Gross obtained a B.S. in Business Administration from the University of Phoenix.

Dave Tilton (Chief Financial Officer)

Dave Tilton
Mr. Tilton has over 30 years of experience in both executive and technical roles in the financial management of large corporations including Asyst Technologies,, Paramount Parks, Six Flags Theme Parks and Time Warner Entertainment.

Mr. Tilton is responsible for all aspects of the finance function at GreenWaste, including finance, accounting and compliance.  He began working at GreenWaste in 2010 as the Controller.  In that role he was responsible for all aspects of the accounting function including general accounting, accounts payable, payroll, billing, accounts receivable, collections, and various governmental reports, including franchise fees and compliance.

Mr. Tilton graduated from California State University Los Angeles with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration.  He began his professional career and became a CPA while working for Ernst and Young.

Jose Monarrez (Operations Manager)

jost-monarrezMr. Monarrez began his solid waste career in 1991 as a collection vehicle operator for GreenWaste Recovery, Inc. Proving himself as an important asset to the company, Mr. Monarrez was awarded the position of Assistant Operations Manager for Zanker Recycling in 1998.

As Assistant Operations Manager, Mr. Monarrez is responsible for human resource management at both sites managing over 200 employees. He has been very instrumental in maintaining an enthusiastic and productive work force.

Jeff Cristina (Managing Partner)

Jeff ChristinaJeff Cristina began his solid waste career with GreenWaste Recovery, Inc. in 1994. At GreenWaste, he was involved in various aspects of operations, thereby, gaining useful exposure and knowledge for furthering his career. In 2000, Mr. Cristina joined the Zanker team, becoming a significant component to the marketing team. He has since been involved in numerous outreach and operational projects including: working with local residents of San Jose to help increase the city’s recycling rate, working with the organizing committee of the CRRA 2006 Conference to organize two separate events, serving on the Reach Foundation’s committee to award scholarships, and assisting on the start-up of GreenWaste Petaluma.

Paul Lineberry, P.E. (Company Engineer)

Paul Lineberry is a professional civil engineer who has specialized in the solid waste industry for nearly 30 years. Mr. Lineberry is familiar with all aspects of waste handling, recycling and disposal and is MOLO certified. He specializes in permitting, construction, operations and regulatory compliance. Mr. Lineberry has a civil engineering degree from New Mexico State University (1978) and is a professional civil engineer in the states of California, Arizona and New Mexico.  Additionally, Mr. Lineberry is a licensed Class A – General Engineering Contractor in the state of California.

Abel Pereira  (Operations Manager – Sacramento, CA)

AbelAbel Pereira has been with Zanker since 2001. Prior to working at Zanker, Mr. Pereira assisted in the management of the Center for Development of Recycling, which assists the public with sources of reuse and recycling via the Santa Clara County Recycling Hotline.  Mr. Pereira’s responsibilities with Zanker have evolved over the years and have included engineering assistance, environmental compliance, permitting, jurisdictional reporting and proposal writing.  Mr. Pereira currently manages the Florin Perkins Public Disposal Site Material Recovery and Transfer Station and GreenWaste of Sacramento Roll-Off Service in Sacramento, CA. Mr. Pereira has an environmental studies degree with an emphasis on waste management, and a public administration degree from San Jose State University.

William Lineberry, EIT (Environmental Compliance/Engineering Assistant)

William LineberryWilliam Lineberry has been a part of the Zanker team since graduating from California State University Long Beach in December 2009, with a B.S. in Civil Engineering (water emphasis). Mr. Lineberry is directly involved with all the daily reporting, permitting, and compliance activities for all of Zanker’s facilities. Accordingly, Mr. Lineberry deals with air emissions, carbon credits/ footprints, storm water monitoring and compliance,  etc.  In this role Mr. Lineberry has become familiar with local, state and federal rules and regulations and deals regularly with the City of San Jose, County of Santa Clara, Bay Area Air Quality Management District, Regional Water Quality Control Board, California EPA, CalRecycle, USEPA, and the US Fish and Wildlife Service.  As Zanker’s Engineering Assistant, he is also involved in designing, permitting, constructing and maintaining stormwater drainage control systems (i.e., bio-swales, sedimentation basins, fine media filtration basins, etc.), wetland maintenance and creation, operational/electrical upgrades, process improvements, and landfill closure systems.

Jerame Renteria (Marketing and Sales Specialist of Inbound/Outbound Recycled Products)

Jerame is a graduate from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, and  is a seasoned member of the marketing team with 5 years of experience in the design sector, 3 years in the recycling industry, and 6 years in sales and marketing. Some of his key roles include implementing all of Zanker’s recycled landscape products as well as managing Filtrexx Landsystem installations for client projects. Jerame’s complete understanding of Zanker’s recycled product from a design and implementation perspective makes him a unique and reliable member of the marketing team.


Marin Villalpando (Landscape Materials Yard Manager)

Marin VillalpandoMarin has been in the gardening industry for 32 years. His knowledge goes beyond the industry, with experience in construction, management and mechanics. Marin’s management experience in several industries makes him a diverse leader that is passionate about landscaping. Now on board with the Zanker team, Marin is the current manager for the new Zanker Landscape Materials Yard. Built from the ground up, Marin aims to make the best landscaping mixes possible using only ingredients of the highest quality.